Monday, July 6, 2015

Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer & Provocalips Kiss Proof Lip Color

If sweat, sweltering heat and thick humidity has ever wrecked havoc on your carefully buffed and lovingly stippled foundation then you know what a hassle it can be trying to survive summer without your face melting off. The Lasting Finish Primer by Rimmel provides an extra layer of backup to help prolong the wear of foundation, concealer and corrector for up to 8 hours!

Although the formula does not contain sunscreen for UV protection it does have a creamy, easy to use texture that spreads evenly to smooth the surface of skin in preparation for makeup. The lightweight base minimizes the appearance of pores, helps even skin tone and improves the finish of your cosmetics. Although the primer says it can be applied under or over foundation I wouldn’t advise applying it on top as it may smear and disrupt the placement of your makeup. For a drugstore primer this one works well without a slick silicone feel and does a good job at mattifying so your skin remains shine-free with a touch of moisture. In terms of consistency I prefer something that evens my skin a bit more for a silkier finish but this formula mixes well with face cream. 

If you are a fan of classic petal hues then the Lasting Finish lipstick by Kate in shade 33 adds flush of flattering baby pink. I love these lipsticks because they smell delectably delicious! The color glides on lusciously creamy, beautifully pigmented and incredibly rich and smooth. The collection includes many flattering, vibrant shades and the black diamond pigment complex reflects light for a stunning, full-coverage finish.

#30 is a bit deep and mysterious for sunny summer days but at night when you want to amp up the intensity for a sultry, seductive lip this shade is gorgeous! The color is a wine-berry-reddish hue that is suitable for all complexions and it looks ravishing with gold shadow and winged liner.

The Provocalips 16 Hour Kiss Proof Lip Color is becoming quite popular among beauty aficionados. One end contains kiss-proof, transfer-proof high impact pigment while the other has a translucent top coat to lock in color, moisture and shine. The formula is designed to keep lips moisturized with no tightness and it takes 60 seconds or longer for the formula to begin to dry. The texture initially reminds me of a cream but once set it takes on more of a lacquer finish that retains some moisture and if you apply the top coat before the pigment has fully dried the color will tint the clear formula. I can get at least a few hours wear when I don't add the balm and it holds up quite well through meals.

Shade: 310 Little Minx

Rimmel is available at most drug stores and mass market retailers across Canada and the U.S

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Kérastase Résistance Thérapiste Collection Review: Revitalizing Damaged Hair

Today it’s time for some hair confessions...that’s right, we are going to be completely honest about the daily treatment of our delicate tresses and examine some fabulous new products that can help rejuvenate your flowing mane.

If your hair could talk what would it say? Would it scream at you for all the flat ironing, blow drying, curling and crimping? What about the dyes, chemicals, excessive brushing, tugging, knots, split-ends, exposure to drying wind or getting hit with a heavy dose of UV? Let’s face it when it comes to taking a beating our hair is a champ, it withstands everything we throw at it and still makes us look good but every so often you need to lay off the styling tools and treat your hair to a spa day!

The new Résistance Thérapiste Collection was created to resurrect extremely damaged, over-processed lengths and ends, targeting weak, breaking, shabby looking hair and restoring vitality, movement and bounce. Since hair is comprised of protein this line is designed to reinforce and strengthen the fiber for smoothness and uniformity. To compensate for loss of mass the products are infused with 6 amino acids that are naturally present in hair resulting in more body and thicker structure. The addition of a powerful gluco-peptide also helps supply the follicles with the energy needed for protein synthesis.

Shampoos infused with harsh cleansing agents and sulfates can strip frail, limp hair so Kérastase has created an awesome new product to help protect and shield your tresses from those drying suds. The Fiber Quality Renewal Care is a pre-shampoo treatment that is applied to wet hair before lathering up. It is formulated for very damaged, fine hair but it also works wonders on my thick, long hair. To use you simply rinse and apply the creamy conditioner for 1-2 minutes, I like to clip my hair up while it goes to work.

At first I didn’t notice any change but after a few minutes my strands began to feel smooth, soft, silky and revitalized. My hair absolutely loves this stuff! The formula is moisturizing without feeling heavy and it made detangling my unruly curls a breeze. You can use it prior to any type of shampoo, especially if you want to retain moisture and color. The Renewal Care Conditioner retails for $45.00.

After your hair is protected and prepped you can proceed with the Balm-in-Shampoo which is the first shampoo with a unique jellified texture to repair the hair fiber while cleansing and reducing friction as you lather-up. I don’t usually use shampoos with sulfates because as I’ve mentioned before they can cause brittleness and depletion of natural, healthy oils. This shampoo is not overly drying because of the first product used to counteract its effects and it does a great job at cleansing the scalp and removing stubborn build-up to leave hair feeling fresh and smelling fabulous! Because my hair is on the dry side I do need to follow up with another conditioning treatment or the repair masque to help replenish some moisture. The shampoo retails for $45.00

When it comes to serious restoration I love a good deep treatment to heal and nourish. The Masque Thérapiste is formulated for thicker hair with a rich, velvety texture that thoroughly coats each strand to reconstruct, repair and soften. Because of the thick texture you only need to use a small amount applied from your ears down focusing on the ends. This may not fix your split-end issue but it does help improve their appearance of frayed strands so you can trim those unsightly ends and start fresh with healthier hair!

With this masque there is no set treatment time, just go by how your hair feels and give it as much nourishment as it needs. I usually leave it on for about 30 minutes, cover my hair with a plastic cap and apply steam or heat to enhance the effects. The results are fantastic, my hair feels light and fluffy and my curls are beautifully formed, bouncy and incredibly soft, sleek and shiny. I should also mention that I love the scent, it is very fresh and perfumey but in a good way and although the fragrance is quite strong it makes my hair smell irresistible for days! The treatment masque retails for $61.00.

The last step is the Sérum Thérapiste for both thin and thick hair. This leave-in contains light oils to moisturize and a creamy top coat to seal and strengthen extremely damaged ends. Using a couple pumps you simply emulsify with your fingers and apply to the length of your hair with emphasis on the ends. You can air dry or proceed with styling as the serum provides heat protection up to 230˚C/446˚F. It retails for $55.00

This line is fabulous for lifeless hair that needs some serious care and a boost of hydration! You can find Kératase products at select salons across Canada or you can visit their website by clicking HERE.

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Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss Review

If you’ve been tuning into the latest beauty trends then it’s hard to miss the shocking new Plexi- Lip Gloss from MUFE. Available in 35 high performance, essential shades there is something to suit every fashionistas style from tame neutrals to bold and fearless including wild hues like matte blue and lilac should you crave a little drama.

Formulated to make your seductive pout the center of attention these babies pack a bold punch of ultra-dazzling, lacquer shine that reflects light and keeps dry lips soft and moisturized. The gloss comes with an exclusive superflex applicator for one swipe, simple coverage. The flat surface is designed to roll the vivid pigment across the lips and the tip fills in the Cupid’s bow and contours with precision for a pretty mirrored effect.

Left: 405 Right: 102P

The texture of the gloss is on the thick side with a smooth, creamy consistency that feels plush and moist without making my lips stick together or feel gloopy. The pigmentation varies by shade but it seems that the darker or brighter you go the more color intensity you get and the silica powder ensures even distribution with no bleeding.

I have the shades: 406 which is a deep, sultry plum with a pure, bold finish and 102P which is a nude pink with dazzling micro-shimmer and a brilliant pearl finish.

The gloss feels lusciously smooth and comfortable on chapped lips and the lasting power is pretty good! You can pick these beauties up for $23.00 each at, MUFE boutiques and Sephora. 

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ombrelle Sunscreen 50+ UVA & UVB Weightless Body Lotion

Lounging by the pool, bike riding through the park, backyard barbecues and soaking up some sun at the beach or cottage is what summer is all about but sunscreen is a must when enjoying the great outdoors. When it comes to formulas I prefer subtle scents, lightweight textures and creams that prevents excess shine so my skin doesn’t look greasy or sweaty as the day heats up. Although I travel a lot and face UV exposure frequently many sunscreens tend to clog my pores and cause severe itching, irritation and occasional redness. Thankfully Garnier has released a new broad-spectrum formulation for sensitive skin and quick absorption.

The new Ombrelle Advanced Sunscreen provides SPF 50+ protection to shield against both UVA and UVB which is important when choosing a lotion as UVA can also penetrate deeply. This hypoallergenic cream is lightweight, fragrance-free and doesn’t coat the skin in a sticky, thick residue or that awful white film. The finish is quite matte and although the active ingredients still give off a slight sunscreen scent it isn’t as overwhelming as others I’ve come across.

With up to 80 mins of water resistance you can say yes to that beach volleyball game or splash around in the pool with confidence that you have a reliable barrier between you and painful sunburn and when packing your beach bag this season sunscreen should be at the top of your list!

Kids love to play outside with no awareness of how damaging exposure can be so before they build sandcastles and play tag layer on the 50+ sunscreen formulated specifically for their sensitive skin. This lotion has the same non-irritating formula, water resistance and broad-spectrum protection so the whole family can enjoy summer safely.

Both sunscreens retail for $19.99 each at drugstores and mass market retailers so make sure to stock up for Canada's Day tomorrow and July 4th! 

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Arbonne Cosmetics Review: Smoothed Over Lipsticks & Glossed Over Lip Gloss

Lipstick fanatics and gloss lovers be warned! Today’s review may leave you craving the luxurious, show-stopping new lip colors from Arbonne Cosmetics. When dressing up your summer outfits the perfect lipstick makes a bold, statement, brightens the complexion and evokes the same sense of confidence and style associated with strutting in sexy heels. With Arbonne it’s more than just gorgeous pigment and luscious lipstick, the products are also enriched with fabulous natural ingredients to pamper your pout!

I've seen Arbonne’s chic, embossed symbol before but I’ve just begun to discover the amazing variety of skin-safe, innovative products. If you are unfamiliar with the brand then you are in for a treat! Arbonne has been around for 35 years and each of their products contain carefully selected, botanical based ingredients that are rigorously tested for excellence. They are also free of preservatives, synthetic dyes, formaldehyde, by-products and artificial flavors. The company has a fabulous independent consultant program and a strong dedication to health and wellness.

The new Smoothed Over lipsticks are available in 16 exciting new shades that range from nude, subtle, bright, deep and sultry to match all your moods. The packaging is simple yet sophisticated and the formula is buttery, lavishly smooth and infused with: watermelon extract, apple extract, meadowfoam, jojoba, mango butter and flower extract.



The rich formula is ultra creamy which I love because of the fluid way it glides across the lips without any pull and blankets the skin in gorgeous, vivid pigment. The extracts also produce a volumizing effect and the butters and oils deeply nourish for long-lasting hydration.



The pigmentation can easily go from playful and light to full-coverage glam with a hint of brilliant shine for a satin-gloss finish. There is also a selection of durable, smudge-proof, creamy lip liners in complimentary hues should you desire full-impact, professional results and more definition. 


~Shades from left to right: Flora, Guava, Camellia, Hibiscus and Peony~

My favorite shade is Hibiscus because it is flattering on most complexions and the beautiful coral tones are perfect for the season. Since the lipsticks are very soft and creamy they do tend to sweat. I recommend storing them in a cool, dry place and avoid leaving them in the car or sun. I also make sure my lips are exfoliated and smooth prior to application and using a lip primer helps prolong the color and enhance the finish although it is not required as they can produce up to 6 hours or wear. The lipsticks retail for $28.00 each and the liners are $24.00.

When you lust for sexy shine the gloss provides a soft, alluring finish with a boost of plant extracts fruit oils and peptides to quench parched skin. The non-sticky, lush formula also has a smooth, creamy consistency without being too thick and it glides on for instant hydration and sumptuous color!

I never shy away from vibrant, punchy hues and I love that the gloss isn’t too tame for my taste. They provide the perfect amount of pigment- not bold enough to straddle the line of lacquers but not translucent, flat or boring either. They beautifully reflect light, amp up dull skin and there is a shade for every season. The brush applicator delivers just the right amount of gloss and depending on the color you can go from translucent to medium coverage or wear them over lipsticks for an extra blast of supple moisture. The gloss retails for $24.00 each.

 You can find Arbonne Cosmetics by clicking HERE

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Gloss Review

The beloved Baby Lips Collection and its playful rainbow hues has been a cult favorite among women of all ages and a staple in my purse for years! The sugary scented balms with SPF 20 provide mega moisture for battling parched skin and now the fabulous lip quenching formula has been glossed-up for a shiny new look!

With a smooth, brilliant finish the tantalizing gumdrop hues are enriched with nutritive oils and vitamin E to soothe and soften for up to 4 hours so lips never feel dry. The gloss is available in 12 shades and 3 fabulous finishes including: shimmer, cream and jelly.

Although some of the colors looks quite pigmented in the tubes they are all translucent for a sheer wash of non-sticky, radiant shine. The scent among each gloss is pretty much the same and reminds me of the sweet, deliciously fruity cereal from my childhood. The applicator is a standard design and easy to use with great glide. 

Although the formula is quite simple it feels super comfortable on the lips and alleviates chapped, peeling skin without being too thick or gloopy. They also seem to have all the lip loving, conditioning elements of a good balm with just a hint of color or sparkle and the consistency is lightweight, moist and nourishing so you can layer them over lipstick.

The shades I have from left to right are: 40 Tickled pink (cream finish), 05 Just a Glimmer (purple shimmer with a clear base), 60 Berry Chic (jelly finish), 20 Lilac Lumi (purple shimmer), 55 Fab & Fuchsia (Jelly finish) and 25 Taupe with me (nude with a cream finish).

If you are a Baby Lips fan and a gloss junkie you will enjoy the new collection! The gloss retails for $5.99 and will be available in drugstores and mass market retailers this July!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Fix Makeup & Prime + Anti-Shine Balm Review

It’s time to get primed for summer and test out another concelaer formulated for a world consumed with selfies! The PhotoReady Insta-Fix stick is designed to retouch the skin for a smooth poreless finish and comes in handy for quick touch-ups anytime, anywhere. Essentially this product helps camouflage blemishes with light filtering technology and SPF 20 for bonus protection.

The world of drugstore concealers and foundation has always been rather hit or miss for me, if I find a formula I like I usually have hard time with color matching. I do however like the stick design for ease of application without a brush and the ability to focus on specific spots that need extra attention. It also makes swiping product under the eyes quick and simple.

The concealer is available in just 9 shades so I think it’s safe to say that some complexions will be left out. I have the stick in 180 Rich Ginger the second deepest color which is actually quite light. On my skin it works to cover, brighten and highlight and although it doesn’t completely diminish blemishes it does fade them enough to help my foundation do its job more efficiently. Because the formula is quite rich and creamy you’ll want to avoid layering it too heavy under the eyes or letting it rest in creases without a bit of blending. It helps blur the look of dark circles, redness, scaring and uneven skin tone and once set with a good finishing product it is quite long-lasting. There may be some who don’t care for the coverage and consistency but I definitely make it work for me.

Up next is the PhotoReady Prime + Anti-Shine Balm in 010 clear/transparent which can be worn alone or under makeup. At first glance the compact may look like a setting powder but it is in fact a balm which can make application a bit tricky. I found that using the sponge provided didn’t quite get the job done so I swirl two fingers in the balm until the top layer begins to loosen into a creamy paste.

You can rub the balm into the skin similar to moisturizer and I love the lightweight texture that smooths and mattifies to prevent grease and shine as the day wears on. It also helps blur the look of pores and evens the skin’s surface for a more refined effect without that slick silicone feel. As far as primers go this one will definitely help you survive the summer sun.

Another honourable mention for glowing summer skin is the Revlon Highlighting Palette in Bronze Glow. There are three complimentary shimmer compacts available for a radiant, sunkissed effect and these babies are wonderful! The highlight has 5 varying color strips from silver, rose gold, mid-range gold and bronze which you can mix together for a luminous finish and a bit of sculpting. The pigmentation is great and the texture is luxuriously soft and silky for easy application and seamless results. You can go sheer or build up to your desired effect but this highlight is a drugstore must-have this season!

Also from Revlon I’m loving the powder blush in the shade 004 Wine Not. This fun berry hue is ravishing for all complexions and lightly defines the cheeks. Although the color looks quite deep it is actually very subtle with a pink base and a beautiful faded finish for a natural rosy flush. The texture is a bit coarse but for the season it looks great!

Revlon lip products I’m currently crushing on:

*The ColorBurst Lacquer Balm in the shade 115 Whimsical is a trendy pink-berry hue. These pigments are creamy and hydrating with balm-like comfort and although this color contains a bit of shimmer once applied it isn't very noticeable. 

*ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in 035 Backstage is a deep plum/wine with golden undertones more suited for brisk fall evenings. The moisturizing lush formula and smooth application makes it totally swoon worthy!

Revlon products are available at drugstores and mass market retailers across Canada & the U.S

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