Friday, February 5, 2016

Bulova Diamond Collection

Flowers wilt and chocolates melt but a classic piece of jewelry is forever! “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” for a reason so what better way to express love, romance and appreciation than with a beautiful watch designed to evoke timeless sophistication with luxurious embellishments.

Bulova’s Diamond Collection is breathtaking and charmingly seductive! Each watch is exquisitely crafted and adorned with handset diamonds that epitomize the essence of style and femininity. The brand’s high standard of excellence and inventive touches make this elegant statement piece the perfect gift for creating joyous memories.

Whether you are looking for alluring jewelry for your love, mother, sister, aunt, daughter, grandmother or yourself this sparking design effortlessly balances classic vintage flare with trendy modern touches making it fashionable for women of all ages. 

This particular style has a smaller face embedded with beautiful round diamonds in place of numbers and is surrounded by a ring of intricately laid, premium diamonds of various sizes that frame and accentuate for maximum illumination. There are 30 diamonds showcased on this gorgeous piece complimented by delicate Mother of Pearl dials and a date feature.

With enough sparkle and glamour for events and parties and just the right amount of understated elegance for everyday wear, this watch compliments all outfits for a touch of refinement.

The multi-colored, woven band adds a hint of eye-catching pattern to offset the diamonds and unlike many watches this one has a hidden clasp which makes the design seamless and fluid.

Paired with the right dress and cute diamond earrings this watch puts the finishing touch on any Valentine’s Day look and is sure to leave her speechless!

It retails for $525.00 and you can visit the website by clicking HERE

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Swish & Pop Blusher Review

I love a good multi-purpose product because anything that saves space in my makeup bag is much appreciated. During the dreary winter a pop of blush and a light dusting of highlight (or mega strobing if you prefer) helps brighten dull complexions and infuses life and vibrancy to the face. The Charlotte Tilbury Swish & Pop Blusher comes in six flattering color combos designed to represent the six shades of love: first love, ecstasy, love glow, love is the drug, sex on fire and the climax...pretty racy stuff!

The shade I have (Ecstasy) has a shimmering pink-peach-coral center and an outer ring of light pink. In the compact the colors look more neutral and beige than they appear on skin and are a bit darker than the website's photos. These soft, fresh hues add warmth, dimension and radiance to the face and this combo compliments my skin tone beautifully! 

The other pigments include an interesting mix of rose, bronze, pink and nude to suit a variety of preferences.

The Texture is very silky and “the rich color pigments are rolled into finely crushed pearls that smooth and buff the skin for excellent blendability and uniformity.” The middle color can be applied to the apples of the cheeks with a small fluffy brush while the outer shade is meant to be swished across the cheekbones for a luminous glow. Both pigments have similar tones so they look fantastic together and provide a healthy, dewy flush.

I like that the formula is ultra lightweight and the shimmery particles are super fine for a seamless effect without globs of glittery mess. The color is also quite buildable so you can go from sheer to bold although you do need a smaller brush to pick up each color separately.

I usually prefer matte blush but the middle shade is also quite frosty giving it a pretty finish. Since the colors are a bit difficult to isolate with a brush and tend to mix together anyway the compact works well the way it is.

Overall I love the pigment, luxurious velvety texture and high-end formula so I’d definitely like to try some of the other shades! The blush retails for $50.00 and you can find the brand at Holt Renfrew, Nordstrom and online by clicking HERE.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Get Ready for Valentine’s Day with Tweezerman!

One of the most tedious and completely dreadful beauty rituals has to be hair removal. No one actually enjoys doing it but what’s the point of putting on a knockout dress, killer heels and gorgeous makeup when you have visible facial hair and your brows look like a caveman’s!

If you have special plans this Valentine’s Day or any upcoming date nights, grooming should be high on your priority list and that’s where Tweezerman comes to the rescue!

Let’s begin with the face since those pesky little hairs can actually hinder a flawless makeup application by sticking up. I am not a fan of waxing so this facial hair remover is great for getting the job done. To use: hold the pink handles, align the top of the coil above the area of hair you want to eliminate with the flat side against the skin and rotate the silver knobs on each side. Admittedly this process took a while to master with a few skin pinches in-between but once you get the hang of it you can yank those suckers out with less pain than plucking. I recommend using this tool when your face is clean and completely dry as any creams or oils may reduce grip and smaller hairs may be a bit more of a challenge. For a quick fix this little coil definitely comes in handy and retails for $25.00.

The term “brows on fleek” has been popular for a matter how annoying! Sharp, defined eyebrows frame the face and help improve the look of your eye makeup. For shaping jobs the Tweezerman scissors and brush set is a must-have for your grooming kit. The curved handle and sharp blade makes snipping each unruly hair easy and precise for that neat arch we all crave. You can pick it up for $25.00.

Let’s take a moment to talk about our nails because no matter how trendy your polish, ragged, dry cuticles aren’t cute! If you prefer neat, soft cuticles like me then your mani will definitely benefit from the Grip & Snip Spiral Snipper. The sharp angled blade makes getting rid of rough, overgrown skin and hangnails quick and easy! I also like that the coil has nice spring-back and fits comfortably in the hand to enhance precision. This tool retails for $31.00 and I prefer it to my other cuticle remover because it doesn’t painfully tear my skin.

Along with the perfect grooming kit you also need great tools for applying makeup so I was excited to try Tweezerman’s new brushes!

I love a good dual-fiber brush because the fine, pointy bristles get right into the texture of skin to provide a flawless finish. The Finishing Contour Brush ($39.99) is designed for many tasks and formulas including: concealer, foundation, cream products, powder, bronzer and blush. The angled shape allows you to apply product in the contours of the face for easy blending and “the deepest penetration of color.” When I opened the packaging there were a few stray bristles out of place but I didn’t have any problem with shedding. The artificial fibers aren't exceptionally plush, dense or soft but against the face they feels quite nice. The sturdy design places product exactly where you want it and stipples it out seamlessly.

The Foundation Brush ($21.99) with the flat tapered design is quite basic although I tend to apply my liquid products with a sponge, buffing brush or a dual-fiber. I use this brush mainly for patting product (concealer & corrector) under my eyes to build-up coverage and diminish those dark circles and blemishes. The long bristles are quite stiff and flat which is good for smoothing out uneven skin texture.

I can never have too many eye shadow brushes and for those who have small lids or prefer compact brushes the Tweezerman Shader Brush ($16.99) may be for you! Again the bristles are not ultra soft or fluffy, they have a sturdy, slick texture but the flat surface pats on pigment and the size is ideal for deepening and defining the crease when you want a sharper effect. You may have to work a bit harder to pick up shadow on these fibers but for overall application the brush is decent.

If you need great tools to help you get ready for a romantic night head over to These products can also be found at Shoppers Drug Mart, London Drugs and Rexall.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

L’Oreal Paris Hydra-Total 5 Skincare Review

When it comes to makeup, hair products and skincare L’Oreal is quite consistent with leading edge technology and quality. Recently I received a parcel of goodies to help me develop a beauty routine using the new Hydra-Total 5. The collection offers skincare that targets specific concerns including: evening skin tone, sensitive skin and combination skin.

I received the Hydra-Total 5 Ultra-Even range which includes 4 key products: day lotion, toner, scrub and moisturizer. This line is formulated to correct skin that has has been blemished by hyperpigmentation, sun exposure, acne or hormonal imbalances.

The products are called “Total 5” because they all have five key elements to help you achieve beautiful, healthy looking skin.

1. 24 hour moisture: fights dryness for completely hydrated skin
2. Reduces the look of dark spots with LHA
3. Evens skin
4. Illuminates
5. Smoothes

The face lotion is great for daily defense against UVA/UVB exposure with SPF 20. I have a difficult time finding a lotion-sunscreen combo that doesn’t clog pores and irritate my skin but this one works! The scent reminds me of a refreshing shampoo (in a good way) and although it has an ultra creamy texture it absorbs quickly with no greasiness or thickness. Surprisingly the formula doesn’t smell or feel like it contains SPF which is fabulous except it does leave a slight white cast on my skin. As far as sunscreens go this one may be ideal for those opposed to the slick, oily texture of traditional formulas but the white film may alter the appearance of makeup, especially on medium to deep complexions.

I use a toner after wiping off my makeup and washing my face in the evening so a formula that can also help brighten and even my complexion is an added bonus! The directions instruct you to use a cotton ball and dab rather than rub but it removes makeup and impurities better when I swipe. Like most toners the formula is made to cleanse, clear pores and prep skin for moisture so it does leave the face a little dry. I always follow up with cream or serum.

Exfoliation is essential to achieving smooth skin and this one also helps illuminate and cleanse. The scrub has a refreshing gel consistency with ultra fine beads to gently slough away dead surface cells. These particles aren’t very rough or abrasive and they provide mild exfoliation instead of complete resurfacing results which is ideal for my mid-week facial. You can also use the scrub a few times a week in place of your cleanser because it lathers well and abolishes excess oil and makeup. Since the scrub does contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate (found in many cleansers and shampoos) I don’t use it in combination with any other face wash to avoid drying out my skin.  

Last but not least is my favorite product in the collection – the Ultra-Even Moisturizer. This lush, whipped formula provides a blast of hydration to instantly relieve parched, tight skin but the finish is lightweight and non-greasy. In the jar the cream looks very thick, rich and luxurious (which I love) but once applied it absorbs well leaving skin velvety, smooth and soft. The only downside is that it also leaves a white film on my face that doesn't always blend well. This may have something to do with the skin evening ingredients that help dull blemishes and darkness but it makes my skin look unnaturally grey. Because of this I only use the cream at night and sometimes I layer it with serum or oil for extra moisture.

As far as the collection’s ability to correct and even skin tone, I haven’t noticed dramatic changes yet. Usually fading hyperpigmentaion is a gradual process and it doesn’t happen overnight. I do like that all of the products from moisturizers to cleanser target the same concerns for efficient, round the clock treatment although the addition of a foaming cleanser would have made the set more complete.I will definitely continue to test these to their full potential.

You can find Hydra-Total 5 products at drugstores nationwide

*products were provided for review

Monday, February 1, 2016

Bioderma Micelle Solution + New Cleansers & Moisturizers!

I have reviewed the Bioderma Micelle water before but since the brand recently celebrated their 20th anniversary (congratulations guys!) I think another honorable mention is in order.

The Hydrabio H2O solution effectively eradicates stubborn makeup, dirt and excess oil with a non-drying, gentle formula that feels refreshing after a long day. It soaks off crunchy mascara, waterproof makeup and heavy foundation without burning or irritating the skin. Like toner it helps remove build-up and impurities lodged deep within the pores but it doesn't contain harsh alcohols. The solution also offers an extra blast of hydration for thirsty skin and even after using a makeup wipe and face wash it manages to find the last traces of undetectable makeup residue for the cleanest skin possible! You can pick it up for $19.95.

The Sébium Purifying Foaming Gel is ideal for combination/oily skin and gently cleanses without causing dryness. Unlike some gel formulas that slip and slide around the face this one actually builds into a light lather for a refreshing clean. It also helps regulate oil production to prevent clogged pores thus limiting the formation of blemishes which is great for acne sufferers. The formula is paraben-free and quite gentle so you can use it morning and night prior to moisturizer.

The Sébium Intensive Purifying Care is formulated for acne prone skin and helps eliminate pimples, blackheads and pesky blemishes. It also helps regulate fatty acids to keep pores free of dirt, debris and oil while reducing redness and inflammation. I don’t suffer from acne on a regular basis but when I do get an annoying zit I also use this cream as a spot treatment to help speed up healing time.

The Bioderma Ulta-Nourishing Balm with highly concentrated vitamin B3 targets rough, scaly, tight skin and helps defend against environmental assaults. The smooth formula supports essential lipids to help lock in moisture and relieve skin discomfort all day for optimal hydration. The non-greasy, fast absorbing formula targets very dry, sensitive skin to reduce itching and pamper the entire body from head-to-toe.

I love a shower gel that cleanses and lathers well without drying out my skin so the new Atoderm Gentle Shower Gel is a welcome relief! This huge 1 liter bottle will last for months and the formula increases the skin’s tolerance threshold with moisturizing active ingredients that protect and reduce tightness. If you suffer from dry, itchy skin a warm shower with soap can make symptoms flare up but this hypoallergenic blend is void of parabens and harsh cleansing agents to keep you fresh without irritation.

You can find these products at Murale, Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharma Plus 

Friday, January 29, 2016

Avon True Color Perfectly Matte Lipstick Review & Swatches

There is something glamorous about swiping on a bold, sultry lipstick that effortlessly ties a makeup look together and accentuates your pout with an alluring pop of color. Matte lipsticks sometimes get a bad rap for being uncomfortable, drying and difficult to reapply but the rich finish enhances lips so beautifully they are totally irresistible! 

(Makeup bag from Sephora)

Avon’s Perfectly Matte Lipsticks have become a new obsession of mine and their motto is “never cakes, cracks or compromises” for a 100% true matte look! These babies are simply stunning and the color selection is very trendy! I don’t care much for flesh tones so I chose a variety of bright shades that are perfect for every season and flattering on most complexions including: deep burgundy, red, bright pink, coral and plum.

Unlike some matte lipsticks that look a tad shiny in the tubes and still produce a hint of luminosity these do not! They look completely matte and gloss-free when uncapped yet the formula is one of my favorites. The creamy texture that glides on effortlessly and bathes lips in vivid pigment for hours of wear.  

If you tend to shy away from drying lip products (and I don’t blame you during the winter) you don’t have to fear these bodacious hues. The finish may be perfectly matte but the formula feels ultra lightweight, supple and quite hydrating without any slickness. I love that the texture doesn’t suck the moisture out of my lips and make them look parched and cracked; in fact they feel fabulous with no flaking or uncomfortable tightness.

Avon definitely hit it out of the park with these buttery pigments and as they begin to wear away the color fades nicely for a soft, flushed effect, similar to that blurred Korean beauty trend that was so hip last summer. The pinks and deep reds are perfect for Valentine's Day next month and Hot Plum is totally swoon worthy! 

Shades (left to right): Adoring Love, Red Supreme, Perfectly Nude

The packaging is classic Avon, very sleek and simple. The black tubes are adorned with silver trim and have clear tops so you can see the shades without opening them. These do have a light fruity scent but they smell delicious!

Wild Cherry, Ideal Lilac, Coral Fever

For best results I use liner and primer first to intensify and prolong wear but they look gorgeous simply applied right out of the tubes and the pigmentation is wonderful! Avon did not skimp on color when they formulated these. What you see is what you get and the lush, luxurious color distributes well for amazing full coverage.

Ravishing Rose & Hot Plum- (my personal fave!)

The lipsticks retails for just $10.00 each and will be available at or through independent consultants in February. I highly recommend getting your hands on some!

Wearing Hot Plum

*Press samples featured

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Must-Have Skincare from Vichy

Today I am going to share some fabulous products from Vichy that can be incorporated into your skincare routine for deep cleansing, blemish control and revitalizing the complexion.

First let’s discuss one of the most important steps in skincare, especially for makeup lovers which is cleansing and more specifically deep cleansing. This step is imperative to preventing breakouts, clogged pores and unhealthy looking skin. That’s where the Normaderm Cleansing Mattifying Foam comes in; this fluffy, invigorating formula gets the job done without soap, parabens, alcohol or oil! I do see Sodium Laureth Sulfate in the ingredient list which is not the best cleansing agent for maintaining optimal moisture but the foam is formulated for blemish prone, sensitive skin.

I don’t always need a mattifying face wash during the winter since my skin tends to get quite dry this time of year but for pimples, excess oil and makeup build-up this product gets rid of the gunk and impurities while fighting zits. I like that the foam is light, distributes well and does a fabulous job prepping my skin for night treatments without any tightness. Just make sure to moisturize well after use. It retails for $19.95.

After thoroughly removing all that oil based makeup it’s time to rehydrate with the Aqualia Thermal Boosting Essence Water. You apply this refreshing gel formula after cleansing and allow it to dry before applying moisturizers and serums. It works to soothe, regenerate and “enhance the efficiency of all skincare products by promoting the penetration of ingredients and boosting their overall benefits.”  I recommend using it sparingly to cut down on drying time as the texture is a bit slick. The Essence Water can be used morning and night but I prefer applying it before bed, prior to layering my serum and night mask for best results. It retails for $29.95.

After prepping skin for bed, a boost of hydration is a must, which is why I love the Idéalia Skin Sleep Night Gel-Balm. I’m one of those people who can’t shut my brain off in bed so I don’t always get enough beauty sleep. This smooth, creamy formula goes to work while you snooze and mimic’s the skin’s natural regeneration process to improve dull, uneven, rough texture so you awake with a radiant, rested complexion. The cream feels refreshing and cocoons skin in a layer of lightweight moisture that melts in and eradicates dryness. Combined with a facial massage this is the perfect balance of rejuvenation and relaxation for tired looking skin. You can pick it up for $52.00.

I am going to move on to BB cream since I’ve been having more luck finding formulas that work! At first I wasn’t completely sold on the idea of another correcting product but lately I’ve been enjoying the extra layer of camouflage to create that flawless finish.

The Normaderm BB Clear takes it a step further with a built-in acne treatment! When a bad skin day strikes and you want to hide and treat those pesky pimples while still wearing some makeup this is a great option. The formula contains salicylic acid + mineral pigments to blur imperfections, mattify to control shine, unify texture, reduce the severity of blemishes and promote radiance. Although I didn’t notice a huge improvement in the appearance of my pimple I do like the added protection and the soft coverage helps conceal blemishes and brighten.

Shade: Medium

The BB Cream is only available in 2 shades: Light and Medium (which is the one I have) and although it blends in seamlessly and works well with my skin tone if you have a deeper complexion there isn't really a shade option. The cream retails for $29.95.

You can find Vichy at most major drugstores and online by clicking HERE

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Beauty Box Five January 2016 Review

The First Beauty Box Five of the year is dedicated to hair and nails! It came stocked with some handy travel size items that are perfect for my upcoming trips!

Before I delve into the box let’s review how the service works. Beauty Box Five is a subscription that starts at $12 for the monthly box, $30 for the quarterly subscription and $99 dollars for a year. You receive a mix of luxury items and common brands with products for: hair, skin and nails as well as fragrances and beauty accessories. The box contains 5 products and usually includes 1-3 full sized items. It is a great way to sample a variety of new brands!

Not Your Mother’s Hair Care Plump for Joy (sample includes) & Salon Grafix Hair Spray (sample)

I am all for voluminous hair that is full of bounce and body so the Plump for Joy Thickening Hair Lift Spray is a great addition to the box and one I haven’t tried before. The formula is made to strengthen and add life to limp strands and I like that it can be used on both damp and dry hair. I can see this coming in handy between wash days when hair is a tad greasy and flat or when you crave luscious beach waves. It also has a delicious fruity scent that is great for spring.

The mini hair spray is not very interesting but when you need mega hold it works! I have a few upcoming trips planned and this maximum hold, humidity resistant formula enriched with antioxidants and vitamins is definitely coming with me to help keep stray hairs in place as I soak up some sun.

Novex Bamboo Sprout Deep Conditioning Treatment (sample pack/one treatment)

The first time I received a Novex sample in my BB5 I was overjoyed with how well it worked to fortify and soften my long hair so I was happy to sample another formula! This treatment is rich and nourishing to help silken dry, brittle hair for serious winter rescue! 

Bodipure Keratin Gloves (full size included: $5.00) & Nails Inc. Polish (full size included: $9.99)

Along with the deep conditioner this was also one of my favorite items in the box. With frequent hand washing and the drying winter air my hands have taken a beating! My moisturizer application has nearly tripled and when all else fails a revitalizing treatment that strengthens nails and heals cuticles is always a fabulous option.

The Nails Inc Polish I received this month in the shade Hyde Park Place was disappointing. Some of you may appreciate the grey-green stone-like hue but I for one am not feeling it. It is just too boring, plain and totally blah for my taste which is unfortunate since the last few polishes I got were also shades that didn’t really stand out.

Scratch Custom Accent Nail Wraps (full size/ comes with four: $6.00)

The nail wraps in this month’s box kind of made up for the mundane polish but it didn't come with very many. The gold and white patterns are stylish, pretty and delicate which make great accent nails and compliments many shades of polish.

This month’s box was decent but if I’m going to get any more nail polish I’d like some brighter hues. I’d also like to see some high quality makeup!

For more information on this beauty subscription you can visit the website by clicking HERE
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