Friday, May 26, 2017

Dior Addict Lip Tattoo Review & NEW 5 Color Eye Shadow Palette

The new Dior Lip Tattoos may have been inspired by the trends and techniques of experts backstage at the hottest runway shows but the durable pigments are also perfect for modern woman tackling their hectic schedules with style.

This new generation of ink provides an ephemeral lip tattoo in a variety of trendy colors ranging from pale nude, universal cherry and bubbly gum pink with luminous finishes. Once applied the formula (which is 50% water) evaporates leaving behind vibrant color and a nourishing dose of emollients that provide light moisture, softness and a refreshing hint of menthol. The texture is so weightless that it doesn’t feel like lipstick at all and the tinted ink transparently fuses with the lips to boost their natural color.

Because of the moisturizing blend of water and oil, the liquid glides on cool and soothing with a juicy wash of color. The more you apply, the longer it takes to dry, but once it does the effect is similar to a pretty stain. The red is most vivid but all of the shades start out quite sheer and can be slightly enhanced for more saturation. Although they aren’t full-coverage, the tints accentuate the lips and provide brightness and comfort with little transfer. I don’t quite get a full 10 hours of wear but they do hold up well and fade nicely. The Lip Tattoos retail for $36.00 each and are available exclusively at Nordstrom.

The Dior 5 Color Eye Shadow Palettes are classic and the new color collections have been reinvented to deliver stronger pigment and richer effects. 357 Electrify has a unique intermingling of color designed to play up the eyes with silky summer hues. The shimmery pink with peachy undertones contrasts beautifully with the range of glistening blues while the silver adds a sheer wash of glittery sparkle to the areas you’d like to enhance. Although I still recommend a good primer to amp-up the pigment, I definitely notice an improvement in color pay-off and the texture is incredibly smooth, lightweight and satiny with no creasing. The palette retails for $72.00 available at Sephora and all other Dior retailers.

I love glamorous lashes but I don’t usually have the time or patience to glue on flasies. When it comes to mascara, it seems like there is a new product launched every week so it takes a lot to impress me and most of the time I don’t even review them. That being said, the Diordshow Pump’N’ Volume Mascara is fabulous! Instead of a traditional brush (which all seem to do the same thing), this one has short, spindly bristles that grab each hair to effectively lengthen and thicken. Squeezing the flexible outer tube makes the high-density formula ideally fluid so the brush receives a load of product to generously coat the hairs without clumping. The effect is thick, voluminous lashes that look stunning! The mascara retails for $37.00 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Lipstick Review

Today I’m in the mood for simple elegance with classic pigments that can get you through any event or occasion with a ravishing wash of color. The iconic Color Rich Lipsticks have been around for a while and the complexion flattering shades add a hint of glam to everyday looks with brilliant shimmer, confidence boosting reds and satiny shine.

These 4 hues are within a color spectrum that compliments most skin tones and the powdery sweet scent smells delicious! I like the stylish packaging, traditional shape and sharp point which helps define the lip contour. No matter what finish you choose, application is smooth and effortless with comfortable glide.

From left to right: 315 True Red is exactly what the name suggests with a lightweight satin texture that drenches lips in supple hydration. 752 Classic Wine is actually a light, frosty pink with muted metallic shine. 762 Divine Wine is quite neutral with a brown undertone and sheer to medium coverage. My favorite shade - 364 Place Vendome makes a bold statement with deep ruby pigment.

The formula is creamy, smooth and luxurious - enriched with an ultra-nourishing blend of Omega 3, Vitamin E and Argan Oil to condition, soften, soothe and prevent dryness. The deeper shades tend to last longer and although there is some transfer I still manage to get a few hours of wear before having to reapply.

With 44 pretty shades to choose from there is definitely something for everyone in this collection and who knows, you may even find your signature shade!

L’Oreal is available at drugstores nationwide and the lipstick retail for about $8.96 each

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Make-Up Designory Canadian Launch & Review

In the spirit of freshening-up your makeup bag for summer Make-Up Designory (MUD) is now officially available in Canada at 10 Sears locations. The renowned New York and Los Angeles brand has been a popular choice with makeup professionals for decades offering high quality pigments, tools and customizable palette options.

I had never tried or heard very much about this brand until recently but their makeup brushes are excellent! The #600 Blender Brush ($32.00) has sturdy bristles and a tapered fluffy point that is perfect for buffing color into the crease without disrupting the surrounding shadow. It is firm yet soft against the skin so you can create the perfect cut crease, sharp sculpting and seamless results with no shedding. You can also use it for precise concealer application.

I am very impressed with the craftsmanship of the #615 Buffer Brush ($52.00). The sleek design, soft fibers and rounded surface blends cream or liquid foundation flawlessly to camouflage trouble areas and smooth skin texture. I haven’t experienced any shedding and this is definitely a brush any Makeup Artist would be proud to have in their kit.

The Eye Color Refills are magnetized and sold individually for $8.00 each so you can purchase empty customizable palettes or the single palettes for $3.50. The shades I have are flattering on all complexions and ideal for creating a sultry smokey effect with both shimmer and matte finishes. The pigments are simple and pure so the colors apply exactly as they appear in the pan and go from sheer to medium pigmentation with some shades offering bold saturation. The silky texture is soft and slightly creamy for easy blending but I recommend a good primer to enhance vibrancy and longevity.

The shades featured above are: Smoked Sapphire (deep navy), Semisweet (mid tone brown), Pyramid (mild gold), Moss (sheer green) and Black which can also be used as a liner.

A good setting powder is essential for long lasting makeup, refined pores and the appearance of even skin so I also tested the Zero Loose Powder ($28.00). The finely-milled, formula is soft and ultra light to effectively set makeup and color without settling into lines or looking cakey. There are several tints available but this universal shade has no color and helps control shine so your face looks fresh and matte. It also helps correct minor textural flaws and makes skin feel silky.

MUD is now available at Sears locations in Fairview Mall, Erin Mills Town Center, Stone Road Mall, Oshawa Center Promenade, Maple View Center and online at

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

2017 Limited Edition Spring Fragrances by Mugler

Mugler is well known for Angel and Alien Eau De Parfum but this spring the brand has released new limited edition variations featuring delicate craftsmanship. These collectible keepsakes will become the focal point of your vanity or dresser and the dazzling concoctions feature fresh seasonal ingredients that awaken the senses.

Alien is my favorite Mugler perfume because the unique scent is like no other on the market. Usually fragrances have many familiar accords that are quickly distinguishable but this composition rises to a higher level of complexity. Alien Eau Sublime is a new interpretation of the original inspired by the Solar Goddess with energizing notes of mandarin, bitter orange and galbanum balanced with robust jasmine, tiare flower and heliotrope and a base of warm cashmeran wood and white amber. The traditional dark amethyst bottle has had a luminous makeover and now features white crystal and golden hues that coincide with the theme of well-being, sunshine and femininity. This fragrance smells very similar to the original with a lighter, sweeter aroma and perhaps a little more zest. Although it retains a powerful presence without fading much, it is still suitable for both day and evening wear. I hope the next set of products from Mugler showcase different scents instead of a reformulation because it would be nice to smell something completely new. The 60 ml bottle featured here retails for $82.00

A*Men Kryptomint is the male version of Angel. The notes smell similar – albeit more masculine and the cologne is strong, vibrant and revitalizing. The magnificent flask-like bottle features a mysterious crystal star embedded in a bright aqua bottle that seems to come from outer space. I wasn’t sure I'd like the mint but it is well blended with the other notes so you get an initial whiff before it gradually fades into the background discernible only by a hint of freshness. The other accords are Egyptian geranium and Indonesian patchouli for a stimulating intermingling of sweet, and ruggedness. The 100 ml Bottle retails for $99.00.

For those of you who like the Angel Eau De Parfum (original scent) the refillable collector star bottle (35 ml) is now available for $98.00. I love the multidimensional irregular points and when you sit it down the bottle tilts to one side like a stunning gem. I don't care much for this particular scent and much prefer the shooting star gourmand - Angel Eau Sucrée, to read that review click HERE.

These fragrances are available at Hudson's Bay, Sephora, Nordstrom, Shoppers Drug Mart, Jean Coutu and Murale.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Rimmel Magnif’Eye Shadow Palette Review

If you wear makeup on a daily basis it's a good idea to have an everyday shadow palette with well matched shades that create quick, beautiful looks. Some mornings I just don’t have time to experiment with mixing and matching bold colors in flattering combinations so the Magnif’Eyes Collection by Rimmel comes in handy for work, evening events and travel.  

There are 3 color palettes available with the versatility to transform your look from day to night. The spectrum of pressed pigments can be used as shadow, liner, contour and highlight with both matte and shimmer finishes for a complete look. The range of color in the London Nudes Palette is a pretty gradient of neutrals, mid tone champagnes, pinks and purple undertones tapering off into deep grey, aubergine and copper for contrast and definition. The non-creasing, slightly creamy texture is quite rich and easy to blend for customized sculpting effects.

I don’t usually have high expectations for drugstore eye shadow but these shades are surprisingly saturated with fabulous pigmentation. I am able to achieve incredible intensity without using many layers and the neutrals pair wonderfully with the dark hues. When applied over a good primer my eye shadow holds up all day without fading or losing vibrancy.

For just $12.98 this palette is one of the better drugstore basics with highly usable shades. Rimmel is available at drugstores nationwide.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Urban Decay Vice Special Effects Long-Lasting Water-Resistant Lip Topcoat Review

Bold lip trends have been making a big comeback and I’m not just talking about unusual colors like blue, green and black. Some beauty gurus are taking it a step further by painting intricate water-color murals, adding a vertical strip of color to the bottom lip and even dousing their pout in glitter. Unfortunately we aren’t all blessed with an artistic talent for drawing but you can achieve Instagram-worthy lips in seconds with the new top coats from UD.

These dazzling special effects transform any lip color from beautiful to beyond and they work over cream, metallic and matte finishes. There are 12 glitter and shimmer shades available in clear tubes so you can see the color inside and they come with a flexible brush applicator that helps the formula glide on smoothly for mess free coverage.

Left to right - Circuit (smokey green with iridescent sparkle) and I got 2 in the shade Ritual (smokey blue-grey with 3D sparkle)

Swatched on their own the topcoats are sheer with multidimensional light reflecting particles but blended over lipstick the sheerness is filled out by the color of your lipstick creating a fluid wash of beautiful shimmer. To create a radiant highlight with a mesmerizing two-tone effect - apply the top coat to the center of the lips and when you want to amp-up the glam, glide it on all over.

At first the texture feels like a wet gel but it dries quickly with no sticky residue and creates a water-resistant barrier that seals in the color underneath and prevents it from moving around for longer wear. I also like that it doesn’t feel gritty or uncomfortable and you can layer it to enhance the intensity in specific areas. The glitter can be retouched throughout the day but to reapply the entire look (lipstick and all) it’s best to wipe everything off completely (tip: use the UD Makeup Remover Oil Stick to quickly cleanse the lips) and start over.

Monarchy (bright purple sparkle), reverb (purple with pink-gold sparkle) and Regulate (medium purple glitter)

The formula is enriched with marine filling spheres (aka collagen) for moisture and skin smoothing properties. You may experience a mild tingling sensation upon application as the special effects begin to lock-in and dry but this shouldn’t last very long.

Litter (iridescent glitter), Copycat (bright pink glitter) and Bruja (berry with gold pearl)

Although the topcoats can be used with any brand they match very well with the Vice Lipsticks. If you are unsure how to match them start by pairing each shade with a lipstick that has a similar undertone like red, purple, pink or green hues for a uniform look. When you’re ready for something more dramatic, try mixing colors that don’t quite match but still complement each other like pink with red or blue with green – the possibilities are endless!

Left to right: Regulate, Bruja layered over matte res lipstick, Monarchy over matte purple, Reverb, Copycat, Circuit, Ritual over deep indigo lipstick and Litter

The top coats retail for $21.00 each at Sephora, Shoppers Drug Mart, UD freestanding stores and online at

Thursday, May 11, 2017

2017 Summer Beauty Essentials

Although it has been a cold spring here in Toronto I’m looking forward to fun in the sun, drinks on the patio and warm beach days. Today I’m sharing some cute summer products that are totally on-trend this season including hair essentials, makeup and bath products that will transport you to an exotic destination.  

Mark’s Havana Sol Collection celebrates the energy of Cuba with tropical scents and bright pigments. The body wash ($14.00) is infused with a vibrant blend of fresh papaya, dark rum and warm velvet woods to create a blissful experience as you foam away the dirt, pollution and debris of a long day. The indulgent scent and relaxing lather leaves you feeling fresh and clean. The Mark Body Butter ($14.00) is my all-time favorite formula because of the super rich, hydrating texture. Infused with lush coconut oil, shea and aloe the cream melts in deeply to nourish, soften and soothe dry, flaky skin for 24 hours of relief. The soothing scent smells like summer in a jar and although it may be a bit too heavy for warm weather it does rejuvenate the body at night.

The collection also includes the Havana Sol Cheek Magnet Hook Up Blush-Bronzer ($18.00). Usually Mark delivers on intense pigmentation but these shades are very sheer and require many layers to create a visible flush. Although the bronzer doesn’t really work on my skin tone and the glitter seems to scatter, the subtle shimmer can be used on the body. If you have fair skin these shades may appear more prominent but better color payoff would have made the compact more useable.

The Havana Eye Palette ($18.00) contains some pretty poolside hues including cool lavender, deep blue and bright aqua offset by a range of shimmery greys and champagne. The finishes range from sheer to medium coverage but you can layer over primer and build them up for more intensity. Mark is available at or through independent consultants.

When it comes to cute hair accessories I love the new designs by Tangle Teezer. The pink flamingo print is perfect for summer and the brush keeps my hair knot-free, smooth and sleek while on-the-go.

I like that it has a cap to protect the bristles while in my bag and the curved design fits comfortably in the hand for precise brushing from root to tip. The flexible teeth make detangling less painful for neat, frizz-free styles and I also have the pink animal print. The travel brushes retail for $25.00.

The new Professional Finishing Brush ($30.00) is designed to smooth and create shine with long, flexible bristles that glide through my thick hair with ease. It also massages the scalp to stimulate blood flow and promote healthy growth while eliminating pesky knots without pain or breakage. Although the handle is a bit short I love the hot pink color. Tangle Teezer is available at Sephora.

Whether I’m strolling through the farmer’s market or running errands on Saturday morning I often stop for my favorite iced coffee or summer drink. The new Lip Smacker Best Flavor Forever Set ($13.77) contains 8 popular beverage inspired balms including: Pumpkin Spice Latte, Cinnamon Chai Latte, Caramel Macchiato, Mocha Frappe, Mandarin Mint Tea, Green Tea, Lemonade, Watermelon Lemonade and Pomegranate Ice Tea. These delicious balms will keep your pout soft and smooth all season long and this set is available at Walmart, Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, and Lawtons.

Most of us hate to shave but when it’s time to break out your summer wardrobe it must be done. Avon’s Skin So Soft Fresh & Smooth Moisturizing Shave Oil ($10.00) infused with shea butter and vitamins makes the task easier by transforming into a milky lotion on wet skin and creating a slippery surface for smoother glide and suppleness. Unlike heavy shaving creams this one doesn’t clog my razor and it provides a close shave with fewer cuts.

Paul & Joe has also released some pretty makeup including the Powder Blush Duo in shade 003 Mon Canard. This frosty pink and dusty rose function more as highlights with a pop of subtle color and silky sheen for a radiant glow. It retails for $21.00 and you can pick up the refillable case with spring motif for $8.00.

The About Pearl Foundation Primer in Silky Bon-Bon has a lightweight water based formula that provides dewy hydration and the illusion of crystal clear skin. Infused with orange flower water, white lily, jojoba oil, apricot extract and sparkling pearls it smooths, minimizes pores and blurs imperfections to create an even canvass for makeup application. The formula feels refreshing with no heavy residue or stickiness which is ideal for warm weather and I love the cute nail polish bottle design! The primer retails for $40.00 and Paul & Joe is available at and Shoppers Drug Mart.

It isn’t a summer roundup without some fabulous lip products and recently I’ve rediscovered the NYX Soft Matte Lip creams. The lush formula provide layers of comfortable moisture with intense, vivid color that lasts for hours. They retail for $9.00 each and come in a wide variety of trendy hues at, drugstores and freestanding locations. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Burt’s Bees Lipstick Review – New Shades

If you’re on the hunt for juicy, moisturizing color, the Burt’s Bee’s Lipsticks combine vivid pigment with the comfort and healing power of a nutritive balm. The new shades are exactly my style - a sultry range of rich berry tones and a pop of mild pink.

Infused with a conditioning blend of Moringa Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil and Vitamin E, the formula is 100% natural with a smooth satin finish. I love the cute honeycomb motif on the tubes but you do have to be careful when capping to prevent smooshing the lipstick and avoid twisting them up too far.

The color glides onto the lips effortlessly and drenches skin in dewy comfort for hours of softness. The pigmentation may not be full-coverage or opaque but the sheer wash is still vibrant enough to make a statement with a hint of glistening shine. I love how the luscious oils sink in and rejuvenate dry skin and the color lasts a few hours before fading into a pretty stain.

Left to right: 533 Orchid Ocean, 522 Crimson Coast, 524 Wine and 513 Doused Rose

The lightweight, fragrance-free formula is slightly creamy, non-irritating and safe for sensitive skin plus the range includes shades that flatter all skin tones. The sexy berry tones range in intensity so you can go light, medium or deep with the vampy blackberry.

The subtle petal pink called Doused Rose is soft, feminine and flattering when you want to lighten things up.

The lipsticks retail for $9.99 each and Burt’s Bees is available at drugstores nationwide and online at
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